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About Us

Sensor was founded in 2012 with an Idea to drive change in IT Systems and Hardwares.

Started as a simplistic and more humble approach in year 2012, Sensor intended to bring about change in how IT comsumable change bring the delight back in customers life.

All sensor products being it a simple mouse to more streamlines ranges of cabinets from simple to gaming cabinets are designed with a delicate care and perfection.

Our design team ensures that when you hold a product of sensor, you have a feeling of comfortness and knowing already how its going to work and/or play.

With our rewamped web portal almost every year we try to make this experience every better, having more and more features and products coming your way.

Despite the huge growth, we've always remained faithful to our core values and principles, that of providing the best possible prices with unmatched customer service to boot. Our success and growth can't happen without you and we promise never to forget our commitments.

Combined with our extensive knowledge on what everyone from hardcore gamers to the family man are looking for in a any delightful range of products from sensro, our commitment to low prices and excellent customer service and providing only the best products, Sensor has become the preferred choice for hundreds of computing & electronics customers across the length and breadth of India.

We hope you would browse arund and find the most suitable items for you.